What Can You Earn

What you earn depends on you.

One of the most beneficial sides of the Send Me a Trainer business model is that, your income as a franchisee depends on your motivation and drive.

 At Send Me a Trainer we will provide you with everything you need to know about setting up and running your online business. If you follow our advice, proven strategies and you commit to the cause through hard work, you will be able to achieve great results and maximize your profits.

 Nowadays, the only people that can be sure in their tomorrow are those controlling their today, like the Send Me a Trainer exclusive franchisees, that use a proven business model and winning strategies to set up and build a successful business.

 Everyone is different, and we understand the franchisees will grow their business on their own rhythm, therefore how much you can earn depend so much on your efforts, motivation and drive. They are vital for your success. Needless to say, we will be right beside you from the beginning as we work very closely with our franchise partners to ensure quality and success.

Send Me a Trainer is a promising franchise of the future. Our business model is positioned at the crossroad of three booming sectors: Convenience, Fitness and Technology. It has already changed the life of many, and it is an opportunity for the right individuals to take control of their life and achieve financial freedom.

Our experience so far has shown that the success of the business is closely connected with the characters and the mindset of the people who are running it. We want to work with the right people, who share our enthusiasm, desire for success and who are ready to put all required efforts. Therefore, we are very selective in our recruitment process.

Individuals who have the right chances to build an exclusive Send Me a Trainer franchisee share the following characteristics

They are passionate about what they put their mind to

They are friendly and sociable


They are well organised, and they pay attention to the details

They are energetic, motivated and inspirational

If you can see yourself like as one of these individuals, and if you follow our guidance with commitment, we can guarantee that the Send Me a Trainer Franchise can work for you.

Where your money will come from?

We have developed on-demand technology that provides people with the opportunity to manage their in-home fitness sessions conveniently to fit around their lives.

Over the last decade our business model has developed and is highly successful in the USA market with significant earnings being achieved. Now we are delighted to offer the opportunity of joining our network to like-minded individuals in the UK and assist them in building and developing their profitable business.

You will generate income through the bookings of the trainers you manage. You don’t need to do the training yourself. Following our proven strategy for generating clients, you will market the App and generate clients for the personal trainers.

Through our fully integrated and automated systems, the day to day operational requirements are minimal. With automated payments via the app, you really could be earning whilst you sleep.

Building a loyal customer base is essential for you to maintain a stable income and secure the future success of your business and we will give you the tool you need to do just that. Once established, you can enjoy the benefits of a passive income.

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