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With Send Me A Trainer you could literally earn whist you sleep….

You do not need to worry about finding hours during the day to operate the business, as time spent on it can be done whenever YOU’RE FREE and you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home, until you decide you want to.

All you need to operate this business is a smartphone, laptop connected to the internet and the desire to be successful.


 Watch the video below from one of our super successful franchisees

Send Me a Trainer is among the fastest-growing businesses within the on-demand industry, providing in-home fitness. With its bespoke and high-quality service and user-friendly app, we achieve startling results in the USA and are growing on an international scale. We put our heart and soul in accomplishing this success and that’s why we want to share it with an only exclusive group of people who share our vision and are ready to roll their sleeves up and work with passion and determination.

Our experience so far showed us that the individuals who we are looking forward to working with share ten common characteristics:

  1. They are energetic
  2. They are enthusiastic about their work
  3. They are active and friendly
  4. They are ambitious and motivated by success
  5. They are well-organised and pay attention to details
  6. They are friendly and have excellent people skills
  7. They are flexible and can think on their feet
  8. They are responsible and stay behind their word
  9. They are caring and have the desire to help others improve
  10. They are hungry for learning more and growing every day

If you while reading this, you’re thinking – “Yes, that sounds exactly like me”, then you have all the chances of becoming the next Send Me a Trainer franchisee and build your own successful business from the comfort of your home. On the contrary, if you aren’t that kind of person, then this is not the right opportunity for you and reading further is only a waste of time…

Success in business doesn’t come as an overnight sensation. It is a result of many components, including determination, hard work, willingness to learn and improve and beyond all – passion about what are you doing. Send Me a Trainer was born as a result of the devotion to our work, our desire to offer the most convenient and simple way for people to manage their fitness whilst maintaining a high quality fitness service. It answers the demand for on-demand convenience of today’s consumer. In home personal training provided in the comfort of each client’s home, which the client can fully manage through an App on their smartphone. Convenient, Fast, Simple.

Send Me a Trainer has met the expectations of hundreds of clients on the other side of the Atlantic, answering the call of individuals who wish to be active and sportive but lack time to visit the gym. Now, we are looking for people in the UK, who share our vision and have the same determination and devotion to become part of our exclusive franchise network and tap into a fast-growing and lucrative sector of the on-demand industry.

At Send Me a Trainer we will provide you with all the necessary know-how and training, so you can start building your business with confidence. However, for this really to work, you have to meet us halfway. This is not an opportunity for people who are ready to throw in the towel on the first bump of the road. This is a real chance to set up and manage a highly rewarding business online and from home, but only for those who are ready to spring in action and they are willing to put all efforts to achieve their dreams and goals.

No experience needed

As a franchisee, you don’t need to have any experience or qualification in the fitness of sports, because you will run your business in a management style and your focus will be on the marketing. With your strong motivation and our bespoke business model, which we will provide to you, you will be able to set on the path of success with reliance.


By becoming a Send Me a Trainer franchisee, you will have the chance to tap into a billion pounds industry. Following our advice, methods and putting efforts and determination, you could add a substantial amount of extra cash to your monthly budget by working the hours that suit you. Once established, it’s time to reap your rewards and enjoy a relatively passive income; you could even be earning whilst you sleep.


 Send Me a Trainer is an exclusive opportunity to build a business from the comfort of your home, work on flexible hours fit your lifestyle and earn substantial income that will assist you in achieving financial stability. However, for that to happen, you need to commit to these three principles:

Number one

Pull out all the stops

We will provide you with comprehensive training on how you set up your business and we will work closely with you assisting you at every step of your journey to success. Still, the main efforts in that journey must come from you. Your day-to-day strive to achieve your goals, your determination and hard work are essential to your success.

Number two

Put your heart and soul

Send Me a Trainer business model is attractive because it can help you achieve substantial income while enjoying working from home in flexible hours. The secret behind this success, however, is your participation. If you are prepared to invest your time, follow our advice and work with passion and determination, success will follow.

Number three

Keep the party rocking

We value the positive atmosphere and the a mood. Smiling and enjoying what you are doing is vital as working hard in achieving success. Our purpose is to motivate and inspire people and that is impossible without us being positive and energetic. Your energy and enthusiasm will drive your business forward.

At Send Me a Trainer we’re looking for the right people to join our exclusive franchise network. Therefore, all potential candidates go through a strict recruitment process that aims to establish if we are right for each other

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